Brilliant Club - Propaganda posters in Mao Zedong's China

This site allows people to view the work produced by pupils at Eastbury Academy, and provides pupils with a platform to create their own research project about Chinese posters. 

You can browse the existing work without signing in. Simply go to 'Browse' and use the tabs on the left side to navigate. 

For Eastbury pupils:

Please login using the username and password provided to you.

If you are just starting, select a poster (use the arrow to see more pages of posters) and click on the poster overview and then the research button. You can type or paste in text and upload images. 

If you have already started work on a poster, just click the 'my research' button. Then click 'edit' to add or amend existing information. Once you are happy with your work, click the 'Curator Review' button at the bottom to make it public.